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804Rhonda Nisbett
635Margie Nisbett
429Adam Nisbett
344Donna Nisbett
308John Nisbett
306Joel Nisbett
231Amanda Engelke
211Matthew Nisbett
158Katie Nisbett
155Chad Engelke
------------------------------Personal Count Disclaimers------------------------------
*We did not begin keeping track of who (Donna, Margie, Rhonda) found a lighter until No.210. Most of the unknown ones are Margie's.
*Everyone knows Rhonda cheated by cleaning out a major Dallas storm drain.
*Adam had a bag of lighters accidently thrown away on the way to our house.
*Amanda has lighters under investigation possibly belonging to Ladybug.
127Jimmy & Sammie Williams
100Ed McGilvray
98Amy Hobbs
97Nate Hobbs
89Josiah Nisbett
74Luke Covington
52Jordan Nisbett
50Leah Nisbett
42Anna Kathleen Madden
40Jeremiah Nisbett
38Benjamin Covington
37Micah Nisbett
35Angela Covington
32Kris McGilvray
31Daniel Nisbett
30Japheth Nisbett
28Belinda Nisbett
25Mark Nisbett
24Nathanael Nisbett
21Jacob Nisbett
21Kim Nisbett
20Caleb Nisbett
19Isaac DiGennaro
18Daniel Covington
18Ann Nisbett
17Adler Davidson
17Melissa Nisbett
16Carl Eldredge
16Velton Nisbett
16Amber Covington
15Anna Nisbett
15Josiah Ymker
14Zeke Hall
14Joy Nisbett
13Jenna Light
11Joy Dean Nisbett
11Caleb English
10Glennis Hukel
10Glory Nisbett
10Ian Nail
10Jonathan Nail
8Keith Nisbett
8David Strautmann
7Eliah Nisbett
7Ashley Nisbett
7Craig Nisbett
6Jared English
6Chuck Covington
5Joshua Covington
5Jason Madden
5Andy Eldredge
4Clarissa Light
4Ben Hobbs
4Hannah Covington
4Dottie Danaher
4Rebecca Light
4Jed Hobbs
4Colton Nisbett
3Nathan Brown
3Tracy Barrilleaux
3Bill McGilvray
3Jeremy Hanson
3Audrey Williams
3Debbie Hickle
3Tobias DiGennaro
3Barney Reynolds
2Zion English
2Eric Tate
2Bill Rundels
2Ellise Simon
2Camryn Simon
2Kelsey Nisbett
2Hudgie Hukel
2Heather Reising
2Dawn Hall
2Kristin Reese
2George F. Strickland
2Jacob English
2Tristan Hanson
1Bobby the RockClimber/RescueMan
1Tammy Nail
1Ed Engelke
1Emma Martin
1Donna-Marie Lee
1Sarah Hickle
1Abbie Covington
1Drew McCluskey
1Gabrielle Hanson
1Gene Williams
1Jerry Hansen
1Laura Light
1Dylan Dyess
1Janae Deimeke
1Joseph Shanahan
1Betty Hukel
1Vickie Stanley
1Carl Hutchison
1David Mentis
1Abby Hall
1Brady Ymker
1David Wiles
1Rebekah Hall
1Hannah Baird
1Laura Bettison
1Joe Reynolds
1Anita Martin
1Rachel Fender
1Dan Hall
1Emelyn Simon
1David Fontenot
1Carter King
1Rene Z
1Brett the RN Student
1Lauren Dyess
1Ben Eldredge
1Abby Ymker
1Melissa 's friend Melissa
1Byron Crumley
1Katy Kemmerling
1Candace English
1A.J. Plasse
1Stephen Martin
1Tess Hamacher
1Rachel Hickle
1Vicki Covington
1J.J. Bacon
1Buddy Williams
1Abbie Hobbs
1Jill Fender
1Dave Danaher
1Jennifer Gue
1Mara Nail
1Frank Opp
1Kayla Ymker
1Megan Riefer
1Dalton Hudson
1Clayton (Eliah's friend)
1Mike the Electrician

Admission Price

Admission for viewing The BUB in person is $1 or a lighter donation.
All BUB contributors receive free lifetime viewing privileges.


What Counts as a Lighter?

Following are a few questions and answers that should help clear up The BUB's policies on lighter donations. If you have a question not addressed here, please feel free to write us at

E-mail received 4-9-02:
Dear BUB
I am considering contributing to your lighter collection. I would like to know what the criteria is for a contribution. Do they have to be "bic's" or will any lighter do? Do we include a story? Please let me know....Thank you....A.J. Plasse (Caleb English's arch nemesis)

E-mail reply:
Dear Mr. Plasse,
We are delighted to hear from you. The only requirement of a donation is that it be definitively identifiable as a lighter or some piece of a lighter. Definitive identification is determined by The BUB Head Curator, but in cases of ambiguity, it is determined by the majority rule of The BUB Board of Directors. Generally speaking, we collect pocket cigarette lighters, although there have been two noticeable exceptions to this: a table cigarette lighter and a kitchen lighter. Decisions as to accepting non-pocket cigarette lighters always lies with the majority rule of The BUB Board of Directors. Matches are never accepted as an alternative lighter. Donations of lighter related items which are not themselves parts of lighters but are nevertheless interesting are accepted occasionally as part of our interesting lighter related items collection, but never as part of The BUB proper. All brands of lighters are accepted. It is not necessary for the lighter to be in working order. We like to receive the stories about where and when and how lighters were found plus any other interesting tidbits you might offer; however, a story is not required in order to donate.
We look forward to hearing from you again, and sincerely hope that you will decide to become a BUB contributor. As you are Caleb English's arch nemesis, I feel it is my duty to inform you that Caleb became a contributor late last year and is currently one lighter ahead of you with rumors circulating that this number might soon jump.
Donna Nisbett
The BUB Head Curator

E-mail received 1-7-03:
Hi! I have a very short question. Do automobile cigarette lighters count? I'm trying to get the most lighters of the cousins, so every last lighter counts!

E-mail reply:
Yes, those count too. In fact we have one in the collection already. Amanda found it in a parking lot on one of our trips. Good luck to you! :)

Q: Can you buy a lighter to donate?
A: Generally speaking, we discourage buying lighters because finding them is more in the over all spirit of the collection. However with that said, we have been known to buy a special lighter from time to time for various reasons, and we have never turned down any lighter donated whether found or bought.
Q: Do lighter warning labels count?
A: Yes, they do.
Q: Does the package that lighters come in when you buy them count?
A: No.


Celebration Dinners

It is the policy of The BUB that whosoever shall find a lighter that upon being catalogued is assigned a number being a multiple of 100 shall take The BUB Board of Directors* and all other readily available contributors who show up on our doorstep to Pancho's Mexican Buffet to celebrate the auspicious occasion of The BUB achieving another 100 mark. By the words, "shall take The BUB Board of Directors," it is meant that said contributor shall finance said celebration dinner. In the event that the provisions laid out above are not possible for any reason, said contributor shall make equal and due compensation to The BUB Board of Directors.

*The BUB Board of Directors currently consists of Donna, Margie, and Rhonda Nisbett.


How we became known as The BUB

Some time around February/March 1997, The Tonight Show featured a PEZ lighter in a "products that failed to catch on" segment. Margie saw the show and decided we should ask them to donate it. While writing a letter to ask for the lighter, we decided we should have a name for our collection. After much brainstorming, we decided to name it The Box Under the Bed Museum since that's where the collection had been now for some time, and we would call it The BUB for short. And that is why we're known as The BUB.

And if you're wondering about that PEZ lighter....I'm sorry to say we didn't get it, but we did get a good laugh for our trouble. One day when none of us were home, a woman called and asked first for me, then Margie, then Rhonda. Finally our mom, who didn't know what we'd done, asked if she could take a message. The woman said, "Yes. I'm with The Tonight Show...." and then went on to totally confuse our mother by leaving a message saying she was sorry but the PEZ lighter belonged to the prop department and something about they might want it again. I don't think our mom understood that she really meant THE Tonight Show and that it was not a sales/prank call. She didn't even mention the call to us till much later that night, and it was like...."oh, by the way, somebody called for you today....."